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We are a growing community of adventurers, musicians, artist, bloggers, photographers and pioneers of the internet! Our goal is to provide a platform for content creators to promote their work and as well as invest in that of others. Simply put, SparkVillage is a place for talented content creators to share their work in the context of community. The undiscovered to the established; the casual tinkerer to professional artist-- everyone has a place here. Our hope is to create an ecosystem of creativity that not only promotes artists but cultivates creativity in every SparkVillager. 

Are you an undiscovered artist waiting on your work to get noticed? Do you work hard to deliver your best? Well, SparkVillage is your new place to promote your work! The whole goal of SparkVillage is to find undiscovered talent and provide a useful platform from which to reach a wider audience! We strive to build a community of people who love to give critical feedback on other user content and at the same time receive views and subscribers for their profiles/accounts on other websites! We know that art takes many forms, and that is why we provide such a wide array of categories. Regardless of your chosen medium of expression, we’re confident that your content can find a home at SparkVillage.

Our Sparks system is a new and seamless way for you to promote your work by simply discovering and rating new content! For every video/photo/song or piece of work you rate, (Give feedback, comment, rate, share) you will earn credits called “Sparks”. You can accumulate these Sparks and use them to have your work or profile featured! The best news is that earning Sparks is 100% free. You can earn them by simply being an active member of the community. Extra Sparks can be purchased if you deem it necessary, but you are never obligated to do so.

Sparkvillage is a site to help you (the creator) support yourself!

SparkVillage is a site for creators. The site was built to:
- Help users grow their audience (Show your art to more people!)
- Receive tips from your fans  (Get paid doing what you love!)
- Find amazing creators  (That's you!)
- Provide users with a fantastic community that cares! (We <3 you!)


 We simply provide you with an additional avenue through which to get your amazing work in front of more 
people and the tools you need to earn money doing what you love. 

We have also partnered with Bravo - Tip or Pay so your fans can easily send you tips! (They were on Shark Tank a couple of month ago !)



The site is very simple to use. If you have used DeviantArt before, you will feel right at home.
Simply make an account and upload your content!  


We accept all types of content:


- Photography
- Image
- Videos
- Music

We reward you for be a part of the community!


Each time you participate on the site you earn "Sparks"
Sparks are a form of currency on our site that you earn by 
being a part of the community. Each time you comment,
favorite or follow other users you EARN something for it!


Earn Sparks by:


Giving users feedback or commenting on their work (20 Sparks for each comment)
Following users (50 Sparks each time you follow somebody)
Favoriting posts (30 for each favorite)


Why should I feature my art?


Your post will be featured on the homepage, sidebar and be set as the landing page background for everybody to see.
The amount of sparks you spend on that post will determine how long the post will be featured.
You can feature as many posts as you would like!
- Featuring your art is a great way to gain views, gain followers, receive tips, or even sell your art!


You can use Sparks  to feature your art on the home page!


1. Click on your profile or one of your uploaded pieces 
2. Click the "Feature Post" button
3. Set how long you want to feature a post
4.  Click Submit!
5. View your feature post on the homepage :)


We are looking forward to seeing your fantastic art!

If you have any questions please email us at: contact@sparkvillage.com 


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