Koi Fish

Koi Fish


In a moment of frustration, I painted this koi in a 1-hour creative blast.

My life had cluttered with conflicting emotions and upcoming deadlines, and the sense of constriction lit an angry flash. So, I painted, without a preliminary sketch.

When I stepped back to look at my creation, I savored the graceful way koi fish move through the water. Through currents and weeds and still pools, koi fish are always peaceful and beautiful to watch.

What if navigating the moving pieces in my own life can be as graceful as a fish through water?

I breathed and imagined navigating conversations and actions with ease and grace, and overcommunicating to create flow. I imagined that a fish doesn't think of water as constricting, even though it's closed in on all sides. The water creates the graceful movement.

I shifted a sense of clutter and constriction to a sense of tools and toys to play with to build my world. Gracefully.

This piece visualizes grace in action, as graceful as a koi in water.